6 Side Hustles You Can Start TODAY! ($1,000+ per month)

6 Side Hustles You Can Start TODAY! ($1,000+ per month)

Side hustles are a great way to make extra, or passive income on top of your main source of income! These side hustles can generate anywhere from hundreds to even $1000s of dollars every single month! These are the side hustle ideas:

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#1 Lawn Care Business – I did this when I was in high school and made GREAT money. While the start up costs for this side hustle may be on the higher end, there is still great opportunity for you to make a great ROI. While there are some cons to this side hustle, I believe this is still a great side hustle for 2021 and a great side hustle for extra money!

#2 Driving for Uber, Lyft or a food delivery service – I reached out to a buddy (TZ Investing, linked below) to ask him about his thoughts on this side hustle. He said it made him $400-500 a weekend while only working two nights a week! Think about if you worked more nights a week what this side hustle could bring you in income. While it is a more active income type side hustle, driving for a ride-share service is a great way to be your own boss & start earning extra income today!

#3 Affiliate Marketing – I reached out to Rio (linked below) to hear what he had to say. Affiliate marketing is a great way for someone to earn money online in 2021. When someone has a product/service that you love, you can help them sell it and make a small commission for doing so. Affiliate marketing requires minimal set up. All you need is a phone/computer, internet service, and a drive to help provide value in peoples lives. This side hustle is on the lowest end in terms of start up costs & you can start making money online ASAP!

#4 Social Media/Youtube – I started my social media journey in July of 2020 and in that time, I have built a community of over 30,000 combined. This is now taking place here on YouTube as well. Social media/the internet brings us MASSIVE potential in many ways. Whether that be to sell a product/service to help others lives or to use that audience to make income online another way. Starting/building a brand is a great, yet tough, way to start earning money online as a side hustle!

#5 Flipping – This side hustle may be one of the easier ones to start. You can start with re-selling items that are around your house. Old clothes, shoes, toys or electronics that you don’t use anymore. You can leverage the audience of Facebook marketplace or Ebay to reach people outside of your area. There is always a buyer out there looking for something that you are trying to sell. You can scale this up to buying & flipping items which would allow you to make a decent side income from this side hustle 2021!

#6 Vending Machines – I reached out to Logan (linked below) to ask him about his vending machine business. While the start up costs for a vending machine business is on the higher end ($500-$2000 for a machine), the ROI can be REALLY good depending on location. Location is the biggest thing with a vending machine. If you find a bad location, sales will be lower. BUT if you find a great location, you could make REALLY good money. Logan learned his information on YouTube (shoutout YouTube) & plans to scale his vending machine business up even more!

These are great side hustles to make extra money in 2021. Whether they are side hustles from home, side hustles for college students, side hustles to make extra money or anything else, the best thing you can do is just START!

TZ Investing: https://twitter.com/TzInvesting
Rio: https://twitter.com/tmc7o7 & https://gumroad.com/a/511054963
Logan: https://twitter.com/itsloganjones
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