Making Money Making Jewelry | Side Business Selling Jewelry

Making Money Making Jewelry | Side Business Selling Jewelry

Making Money selling Jewelry as a side business has been a passion and and additional stream of income for Molly Drucker. Check out this amazing interview and learn how Molly incorporates her love for making jewelry with her entrepreneurial mindset. Molly will walk you through her side business that started at 12 years old and explain how she creates her one of a kind pieces using crystals, flowers and wire. She walks you through how to use a combination of art festivals with social media and the internet. You will learn the difference between using Etsy and Squarespace and how her new puppy not only steals the show but increases her income. She is also responsible with her money and explains how she uses her income from sales. If you have any interest in jewelry or starting a business this is a must see interview

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