TIps for writing web copy for conversion optimization

TIps for writing web copy for conversion optimization

[Webinar] Copywriting, conversion and your customer’s comfort zone.

If your website visitor isn’t 100% comfortable, you can forget about conversion. Veteran copywriter Barry Feldman shows you how to put prospects in their comfort zones and “ease” them into doing business with your brand in this SiteTuners webinar.


06:48 – are marketers really converting visitors? Or just appealing to a desire that already exists?

09:54 – Write to overcome confusion. The key is clarity. Write a clear headline. (same goes for tweets). Give people a consistent experience. Be meaningful, not clever.

14:15 – Watch your language! Get rid of industry gargon and marketing bull (e.g. things your executive team would say to shareholders!). Clearly differentiate your company using simple, concise language.

15:17 – Don’t derail visitors with unfocused writing. Keep it simple. An effective web page has one job to do. Figure it out and communicate it clearly. Visitors should know exactly what you want them to do. More is not better

19:56 – Avoid apathy by writing copy that ensures that nothing about your pitch feels optional or less than urgent.

26:34 – You can’t bore people into buying things. If attention is the web’s golden goose, boredom is its rotten egg. Overcome boredom on your website by making your copy fun. Inject storytelling, push emotional buttons, maybe even use a sense of humor. Write rhythmically. Your copy stops working when it feels like work.

32:47 – Introduce ease. Assure readers you’re leading them down the fast and easy path. “shortcut” “template” “cheatsheet”. Answer the “what if” that exists in the reader’s mind.

37:16 – Build trust by writing conversationally. Don’t be afraid of sentence fragments. Write at a level that makes your audience comfortable (which may not be a 5th grade level!). Don’t write like a marketer. Empathize! Use 1st and 2nd person voice – especially 2nd person! Always offer social proof.

46:01 – Eliminate all mystery. Give your readers ultra clear directions – not so many choices that they don’t know what to do. Use compelling action words.

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