The 6 Best Side Hustles For Making Money In College (2020 Edition)

The 6 Best Side Hustles For Making Money In College (2020 Edition)

Making money in college can be difficult, so today I’ll share some flexible and high paying side hustles that helped me and many of my friends. Most side hustles mentioned in this video cannot be found any where else, so if you found this helpful hit the LIKE BUTTON 🙂 – Enjoy!

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I spent a lot of time experimenting with side hustles in college, through my mistakes I’ve learned what the best side hustles are and what the worst side hustles are. Today I’ll share some of what I learned, here are my favorite college side hustles.

I hope you enjoy these side hustle ideas, let me know if you want a part 2!

1) One of the best side hustles is to participate in experiments.You can sign up whenever you have free time and this is by far one of the easy side hustles for college.
2) Selling Notes is one of THE BEST side hustles for college. You can make A TON of money and if you already take notes it doesn’t take much extra effort. Charging as little as $20 can make this a high income side hustle.
3) Competitions are another way you can be making money in college. Most colleges hold dozens of competitions with thousands of dollars in prize money, making competitions a great side hustle to make extra money. You don’t need to be a genius to win but even if you don’t get any money you have something to build your resume, which is why I think this is one of the top side hustles for college.
4) One really unique side hustle is mystery eating. By doing this you can eat for free, while still going out with your friends. While you won’t be making any money you will definitely be saving A LOT!
5) Dog Walking is another one of the side jobs for extra money in college. Many of my friends who loved dogs took on this college side hustles and loved it because people are willing to pay alot to have their dogs walked.
6) Starting a business is probably one of the best side hustles in college as you have access to so many resources and can take risks. The pay off can be HUGE, I encourage everyone to experiment with businesses in college.

You might be wondering, what side hustle makes the most money? Well, all of these can be very lucrative BUT the I would say 2,3, and 6 (if it is successful) are the highest paying side hustles.

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