Pinoy OFW Turned Amazon Virtual Assistant Earning 6-digits (ALMOST)!

Pinoy OFW Turned Amazon Virtual Assistant Earning 6-digits (ALMOST)!

Curious about how to get started as an Amazon Virtual Assistant?
This is the course Pao and I took:

00:00 Teaser
00:21 Nikki B Intro
02:05 Guest Intro
03:12 What it’s like to work as a seafarer
05:30 How Paolo discovered the ASVA Masterclass
07:10 ASVA Elite package benefits
08:27 How it is inside the ASVA community
10:06 One-on-one coaching calls
11:18 Challenges he encountered
14:30 Backstory on how he got his first client in as fast as 1 month
18:03 How much he earns as an Amazon/ Did it surpass his OFW salary?
19:44 Managing multiple clients
20:40 Is there a guarantee that you can get clients after taking the course?
22:02 Favorite feature in the ASVA Elite Masterclass
23:17 Ultimate question: Babalik ka pa ba sa pag-si-seaman?
25:02 Message to aspiring Amazon VAs

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