Drywall Repair Service Side Hustle

Drywall Repair Service Side Hustle

Looking to start a side hustle that could potentially make you 24k or more per year? This is one of them right here! Here’s the info you need on starting your own drywall repair service. This is one area where you can make quite a bit of money fairly quick as long as you’re a decent drywall repairman.

Drywall repair is a side job you can start without quitting your job! It’s close to being the perfect sideline job!

In this side hustle YouTube video, I’m going to show you how to start a drywall repair business. I’ll give you an idea of how much a part time job pays, what tools you need to get started with, how much drywall repair costs, where to find customers for your drywall repair service and other add on services you can provide to make even more money with drywall repair! I ‘ll also cover how many hours a part time job pays.

Drywall repair lends itself well at being the perfect side hustle. Typically people take on side hustles they can do in the evenings or on weekends. And since drywall mud takes so long to dry, then you can apply one coat of drywall mud one afternoon and come back the next afternoon and put on another coat! Drywall repair is one of the best sideline job ideas!

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