Writing Python Support Ticketing System Web App | Day 14

Writing Python Support Ticketing System Web App | Day 14

In this video we are going to create an alert and messaging system in our python web app

—–About My Channel—-
I build applications like this from start to finish so you can learn different frameworks, database engines, and languages all while watching me code live and documenting the process as we go.

Yes, the videos are uncut which allows me to take questions as we code and act as your mentor. Just like watching over my shoulder in person.

You will see me approach problems, solve problems, and get stuck on problems. This is important because it teaches you how to not just write code but how to solve a problem with code. You do not get to see that in “formal” tutorials that are pre-recorded.

—-Why Do You Do This?—-
So you can learn to code, be better at coding, and watch how an application is actually built, deployed, and maintained, from start to finish.

Also, it is fun to chat and have awesome conversations with you all!

—-How Do You Choose What Project To Build Next?—-
My Channel is completely driven by you the subscribers/followers. When we finish a project I do a poll to see what language, frameworks, and database you guys want to see me work with next.

When you have decided what technology and tools you would like me to utilize in order to build the next project , then I let you guys decide what type of project we will build. This can be a web app, desktop app, console app, or mobile app!

—-Where Do You Go Live?—-
I currently go live on Twitch: https://twitch.tv/leadcoder
If you don’t use Twitch, don’t worry. I upload all my live streams on YouTube on the same day so you don’t miss a thing and can track/keep up with development.

—-When Do You Go Live?—
I go live everyday at 4:00

—Where can I Follow You?—
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Dn…


—-Do You Have a Website?—-

—Contact Info—-
You can contact me on the social media outlets listed above or you can email me at:

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