2021 – Amazon FBA Virtual Assistants (Everything You MUST Know)

2021 – Amazon FBA Virtual Assistants (Everything You MUST Know)

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Here Is A Quick Tutorial Of How An Amazon FBA Business Works (AMAZON FBA FOR BEGINNERS – Step by Step) –

Step 1: Create An Amazon Seller Central Account

This is the backend of Amazon, where all the products you see on the massive website are listed and managed. Once you have an account, which I will show you exactly where to go to do this, you will be able to do everything needed to start selling on Amazon…

Step 2: Find The Right Product To Sell With Amazon FBA Product Research

You can Use Amazon’s Best Selling Lists (Just Click “Best Sellers” on Amazon’s Home Page) to see what items sell the best on Amazon, and to use this to come up with your own product ideas!

You can also use Amazon Product Research Tools such as Jungle Scout, Helium 10, and Viral Launch to search through millions of products on Amazon, to help find a winner!

Step 3: How To Find A Manufacturer For Your Perfect Product

Using Alibaba, you can sort through world class manufacturers and pick the best possible option for your future money making product. This is the step everyone usually gets overwhelmed with but Alibaba lets you direct message hundreds and hundreds of suppliers instantly, making it as easy as it’s ever been!

Step 4: Get The Product Shipped To An Amazon Warehouse

Using Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), all you need to do after your product is manufactured is to get it sent to an Amazon FBA Warehouse.

You can do this by hiring a freight forwarder! What a freight forwarder will do is handle all shipping, tariff, bond, and logistic responsibilities for your product. International shipping is one of the most complicated issues I have ever tried to learn, but a company Freightos and many other companies has made it easy & inexpensive for Amazon Sellers in 2020.

With these 4 simple steps, you now know how an Amazon Business works….let me know if you have questions in the comments, I love talking Amazon! 🙂

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