5 Side Hustle Ideas For Designers

5 Side Hustle Ideas For Designers

Having only one income stream is not enough, especially in this time of uncertainty when at any moment you can lose your job and no longer be able to support yourself and your family. I collected 5 side hustle ideas for designers which i want to share with you in this video, that i am using, and i know they work. Bellow is the list of all the resources i mentioned in this video and remember, START TODAY because the more passive income streams you have, the better it will be for your business long term.

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📥 Resources from the video:

Digital Design Products Resources

– Web Donut https://bit.ly/2yuCCWP
– Gumroad http://tiny.cc/cd1mpz
– Creative Market http://tiny.cc/710mpz
– UI8 http://tiny.cc/l30mpz
– DesignModo http://tiny.cc/3d1mpz
– Envato Elements http://tiny.cc/f9t2mz

Physical Design Products Resources

– Red Bubble https://www.redbubble.com/
– BZA https://bza.co/index.php
– Society6 https://society6.com/
– Shopify Store http://tiny.cc/0c1mpz

Affiliate Programs Resources

– Amazon Associates http://tiny.cc/ii1mpz
– Creative Market http://tiny.cc/o81mpz
– UI8 http://tiny.cc/o91mpz
– Envato Elements http://tiny.cc/5k1mpz
– Web Donut Affiliates https://bit.ly/3bXQhDr
– My Courses https://bit.ly/3gbA7cO ( contact me via email to add you )

Teaching Online Resources

– Teachable http://tiny.cc/uw1mpz
– My Membership https://bit.ly/2LQYsXA
– Skillshare http://tiny.cc/px1mpz
– Udemy http://tiny.cc/211mpz
– Skillsuccess https://bit.ly/2LXcDud
– CyberU https://www.cyberu.com/
– StackSkills https://stackskills.com/

Design Consultant Resources

– Gumroad http://tiny.cc/cd1mpz

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Check out my Kit https://bit.ly/3i6nb9t

Tube Buddy https://bit.ly/33hA77i


Skillshare http://tiny.cc/xysmsz
Tuts+ https://bit.ly/31s8uWg
Graphy https://bit.ly/30HhZBK

✌ Thanks for watching 5 Side Hustle Ideas For Designers and have a creative day!

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