नौकरी के साथ बिज़नेस करें, Side business, Business ideas with low investment, New Business Ideas

नौकरी के साथ बिज़नेस करें, Side business, Business ideas with low investment, New Business Ideas

नौकरी के साथ बिज़नेस करें, Side business, Business ideas with low investment, New Business Ideas

(M): +91- 62392-68216 ( GURKIRAT SINGH )
(M): +91- 62398-02343 ( ANMOLVEER SINGH )
(M): +91- 98143-12452 ( SUKHRAJ PAL SINGH )


AN ISO 9001: 2008 CERTIFIED Co.
53 & 52, old Indl. Focal Point (OLD), Mehta Road, Amritsar – 143001 (PUNJAB)
(M): 06239268216, 09814312452
E-mail: sukhrajmachinery@gmail.com
website: www.sukhrajmachinery.com


Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/sukhrajmachinerycoamritsar/

Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/Sukhraj-Machinery-Co-590800981261400/

We are the Largest Manufacturers and Exporters of TYPES of Machines in India with Excellent Quality and Affordable Price. We are Exporting TYPES of Machines to more Than 45 Countries Across The Globe.

Our Machines are successfully working in Libya , Iran , Oman , Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Sudan, Poland , Turkey , UAE , Zanzibar , Mauritius , Mexico ,China ,Tunisia , Qatar , Philippines , Canada , Ukraine , Mauritania , Congo , Algeria , Pakistan , Thailand , Ethiopia Cameroon , Saudi Arabia and SOON WILL BE in GHANA and MOROCCO.

We are an authentic Types Of Machines manufacturer and exporter which is ideal for use in making Products and so on. We are continuously expanding our serving area to cover the globe.

We are known for timely and quality delivery of products with perfection and providing quality training for handling of machines. We do strive to build strong business relationships with our clients.

Notebook Making Machinery,
Wire Nail Making Machine,
Paper Bag Making Machine,
Edge Squaring Machine,
Note Book Back Squaring Machine,
Edge Squaring press,
Paper Cutting Machine,
Small Paper Cutting Machine
Three Side Trimmer Machine (Fully Automatic)
Three Knife Trimmer Machine (Fully Automatic)
Half Cut Sticker and Creasing Machine
Semi-Automatic Three side Trimmer Machine
Portable Paper Cutting Machine
Semi-Auto Paper Cutting Machine
Fully Automatic Paper Cutting Machine
Semi-Automatic Paper Cutting Machine Products
Paper Cutting Machine
Guillotine Hydraulic Cutting Machine
Manufacturers Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine in India
Paper Cutting Machine
Manufacturers Programmable Fully Automatic Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine
Fully Automatic Paper Cutting Machine,
Exercise Notebook Spine Flatten
Edge Squaring Press Hydraulic
Hydraulic Edge Squaring Machine,
Edge Squaring Machine,
Hydraulic Fully Automatic Paper Cutting Machine,
Programmable Hydraulic Fully Automatic Guillotine Machine, Hydraulic Edge Squaring Machine,
Die Punching & Creasing Machine,
The semi-automatic Paper cutting machine,
Hydraulic Nipping Machine,
Joint Forming Machine,
Hydraulic book pressing machine,
Lamination Machine,
Board Knurling Machine,
Thread Book Sewing machine,
Book Stitching Machine,
Box Stitching Machine,
3/5 Ply of Paper Corrugating Machinery Plant,
Hand Fed Die Punching Machine,
Paper Corrugated Box & Board Making Plant Machinery,
Die Cutting and Creasing Machine
Platen Die Cutting and Creasing Machine
Platen Die Cutting Creasing Machine
Die Cutting and Carton Punching Machine
Automatic Die Cutting and Creasing Machine
Platen Die Cutting,
Creasing & Embossing Machine,
Two Profile Paper Corrugation Machine,
Oblique Type Paper Corrugating Machine,
Paper Roll Cutting Machine with PIV Gear Box,
Sheet Pasting Machine,
Sheet Pressing Machine,
4 Bar Rotary Cutting Machine,
Eccentric Slotter Machine.

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