Writing for the Web

Writing for the Web

Netwriting or writing on the web is an evolving art. With more and more consumers turning to the web prior to making a purchase, it is becoming a more important medium.

Some of the questions that are answered in this video are;
– how do you write differently for web?
– how do you write differently for mobile phones?
– where do you put the most important messages?
– what are some emerging trends in online writing?

Some best practices when writing in general is to use the inverted pyramid approach where the most important or key points are at the top. Another is to use an active voice and ensure that the message is what the audience is looking for.

Web writing takes these writing best practices and turbo charges them with some other things you need to take into consideration.

1. Simplicity. Web needs to simple. Mobile needs to be even more simple.
2. Scan-able. People read websites in a pre defined order. Make sure your most important messaging are in these areas.
3. Search-able. Traditional search engine optimization best practices are no longer as important. Content (your writing!) is becoming increasingly important and providing relevant and credible information is critical. There is an entire new industry on content marketing based on this requirement.

Paul Lalonde is the expert from Marketing Wise who gathered the content provided in the video.

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