20 Side Business Ideas To Start In 2020! | Savvy Saturdays

20 Side Business Ideas To Start In 2020! | Savvy Saturdays

Im sharing 20 business ideas you never heard of for 2020!

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My name is Jade. I am a senior studying Business Administration. I am reinventing my channel to teach you how to create an online business step-by-step. I want to help you create a successful business. Creating a successful business can be overwhelming, but I am here to help. My videos show you: day in the life of an entrepreneur, how to make / create a business plan, business plan template, how to create a website or start a business on shopify, how to start an online business for free, how to create a successful business, how to use instagram, create business ideas, how to start a business, how I I package my lashes for my lash brand, day in the life of starting / owning a lash brand, lash brand ideas, and more! I hope these video help you learn how to start your own lash brand.

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