15 SIDE HUSTLE IDEAS: To Make Extra Money This Summer In 2020

15 SIDE HUSTLE IDEAS: To Make Extra Money This Summer In 2020

15 Side Hustle Ideas to make extra money this summer in 2020
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In this video, you’ll get 15 side hustle ideas to start money right away online and in real life. I love sharing tips about saving money, budgeting, and living frugally, but a huge part of building wealth is diversifying your income because you can’t budget your way out of low wages. Please subscribe below if you are interested in learning more ways to save money and intentional living.

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Apps mentioned in this video:
Get Around https://www.getaround.com/
Turo https://turo.com/
Rover https://www.rover.com/
Task Rabbit https://www.taskrabbit.com/
Wrapify https://wrapify.com/
Teachable https://teachable.com/

✿Get your Free & Frugal Grocery Shopping List https://bit.ly/2XujhNY

Saving Money Tips:
Saving Money in Quarantine https://bit.ly/3gquTdd
Save on Beauty Products https://bit.ly/3ehx9Sr
10 Bad Money Habits You Should Break https://bit.ly/3eknaLZ
20 Things I Stopped Buying https://bit.ly/2X1GlnZ
How to Budget In A Crisis https://bit.ly/3eo9zDI
How to budget For Groceries https://bit.ly/36tIzji

Frugal Living:
20 Frugal Living Habits https://youtu.be/kF4hxJt_qAY
How I spend A Day https://youtu.be/Q1zOc174aYw
Frugal Habits of Successful People https://bit.ly/2Zl6Lmh
Frugal Living Hacks https://bit.ly/3gquTdd
Are Frugal Or Cheap? https://bit.ly/30eduPF

Intentional Living:
Staying Busy in Quarantine https://bit.ly/3d4Oe1M
Productivity Tips For Anxiety https://bit.ly/2B3ypKB
Free Self Care Ideas https://bit.ly/2THhp39

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